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Channel Letters

Channel letters are designed with you and your business in mind. Creating a business image that is immediately recognized. What does this mean for you? Potential clients know instantly that you are providing them with a service that is right for them. But custom channel letters take it one step further. They perform a double duty. Channel letters create a lighted sign for your business or promotion. Channel sign letters provide your clients with a professional business image. In return, presenting yourself to them as the ideal choice for thier business.

Business signs are a neccessity to thrive and grow. Channel letters help you set yourself one step above other businesses that are still using other business sign practices. You are saying to potential customers that you are current, practical, professional and ready to provide services or products.

Channel Letter Options

Example of Custom Channel Letter Options

Front-lit Channel Letters are very popular and can be seen everywhere as a choice for custom channel letters. These channel sign letters have illumation on the interior of each letter. The sides and backs of these lighted letters are opaque, allowing the light to shine brightly through the front sign panel. Most are made of clear or translucent faces, which allow the light to shine through. Custom colors are available for a more dramatic channel letter business image.

Back-lit Channel Letters are slightly different than front-lit channel letters. Back-lit channel letters are produced with opaque faces and returns, which are the sides of each letter. Unlike front-lit channel sign letters, back-lit channel letters are constructed with a clear plastic backing. These letters are mounted "floating" away from the mall or surface. When lit, because of these channel letters' contruction, a halo effect is created. This effect is particularly pronounced at night.

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  • All colors available, including custom colors
  • "Green" produced, with no mercury content
  • Each have individual structure and separate illumination
  • Flame retardant
  • Available in any size
  • Available in any shape
  • Built to UL standards for safety
  • Come pre-primed for easy painting
  • Easily drilled for installation and weep holes
  • Eliminates arcing in neon installations and are non-conductive
  • Guaranteed for life

Recent Customer Testimonials

Example of Customer Sign

"Our signs looked great for our event! Thank you so much for getting them done so quickly and with such great results. We will definitely use you again for future events!"

Tracie Trilling
TLC-The Treatment and Learning Centers

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