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What's In A Sign Company Name?

The domain name was purchased by its new owners, Tim & Robin Harrelson. The Harrelson's have been in the sign industry for 24 years.

Background Sign Company Experience

The co-founders have owned and operated their own traditional full-service sign company in Charleston, South Carolina since 1987. From magnetic signs, banners and vinyl graphics to neon and lighted shopping center signs, the owners have vast, first-hand experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of all types of custom signs.

The Sign Company Vision

In early 2003, resources were allocated to develop new, fully-interactive web site technology which would enable our clients to:

  1. Completely design their own signs, online, from the comfort of their own computer anytime of the day or night
  2. Upload a custom logo, artwork and even full-color photographic images
  3. See prices automatically update on-screen as different options are selected
  4. Save their layout file permanently on our server for future reference
  5. Checkout in the shopping cart with a credit card
  6. And have their signs shipped right to their door

The Sign Company Result

Upon launching the new site in February 2004, the vision soon became a reality as the first fully-automated and completely unassisted orders began arriving from all across America… and then from Canada. 

A High Tech Sign Company With A Personal Touch

The convenience and speed of service only advanced internet technologies can deliver combined with a firm commitment to providing high level Customer Service gives a defining edge in the sign company marketplace.

The Sign Company Clients

Small and large companies alike along with self-employed business people, real estate agents, government offices, advertising agencies, hospitals, schools and charities are discovering the benefits of using our sign company services for themselves.

The Sign Company Facilities

The production department continues to undergo exciting changes as demand for custom signs, banners and vinyl graphics increases.  With orders gradually rising, rigid quality control measures have been updated across the board to insure order accuracy so our clients receive exactly what they expected to get.

Sign Company Partnership Programs

Strategic sign company alliances are an integral part of our business model. has become a distribution channel for a growing line of both custom and stock products. We are open to emerging market opportunities.

The online sign design engine technology combined with our e-commerce platform is being used nationally by individual business owners, franchise organizations and Corporate America.

Our source code includes advanced backend Business Management Software (ERP) applications and web based production workflow software integrated into an accounting module which seamlessly tracks every detail of every order placed in the system, with the exclusion of credit card information for security reasons.

Individual sign companies have contracted us for custom software development using our core design engine technology for use in non sign company related industries.

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