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Custom signs have always been a powerful tool in communicating. Custom signage is in fact, one of the most effective and efficient communication media available. Custom signs are an integral part of your advertising and marketing endeavors because custom signs are available, affordable, practical and can be directly oriented to your specifications. Regardless if you own a business or require custom signage for personal use, they can be used to your advantage. Custom signs are practical to use since everyone is exposed to signs, they see signs, they read signs and they use signs. This mere repetition of exposure to your custom signage will assist individuals to remember your business, products or services. Custom signage conveys your message, whether it's personal or corporate, all while creating a mood or feeling of atmosphere. Our custom signs can help you build an image for you or your business. In addition, our custom signage will help you identify with your target audience. Custom signage and the proper design can help you capture the demographic you are achieving to reach. Custom signs present an image to the general public, sometimes all without them realizing it. And believe it or not custom signage doesn't cost... it pays! Custom signs increase your visibility and exposure, potentially increasing your sales and revenue. Custom signage provides you flexibility, high repeat exposure, low message competition and excellent positional selectivity all at a low cost, compared to other advertising media.

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Custom Signage Leads to Success!

Custom signs are an essential part of any business or organization. Not only do they direct us and remind us, they often times inspire us to make decisions and purchases almost every day. Creative and effective custom signs will assist in persuading thousands of customers to support, visit and avail your services and products. Effective custom signs have the potential to convey your business or organization's message to onlookers and will set your business apart for others. For all businesses, custom signage can frankly be a priceless way to establish your identity and gain new customers. There are countless benefits for incorporating custom signs into the many advertising avenues of your business or organization. Our custom signs are tailored made and effective for all types of businesses because our custom signage is easy to create, simple to install and inexpensive to change. Since displaying custom signage allows your business to be noticed by the general public as they pass, custom signs can assist in creating branding and assist you in gaining a competitive advantage. Custom signs are one of the most competitive advantages you can implement into your business. With a large variety of options available for your custom signage, you can create the custom signs that best suit your needs and even your budget. And because custom signs do not carry the same repeated expense as other types of advertising media, they are a smart and effective investment.

Personalized Banners Add Vibrancy to Your Business or Organization!

Personalized banners are a vibrant, eye catching way to gain exposure for your business or organization. Regardless if it's exposure for your business or capturing the attention for events, personalized banners work. Use the advantage of visual appeal and impact combined with durability to promote your company or organization to the general public. Personalized banners enable your business or promotional message to stand out. Custom banners are popular for promoting your services, products and general information to the public or a specific target audience. Our colorful, durable personalized banners will provide you and your business or organization with the exposure needed to be successful. Our personalized banners will help you achieve that "wow" effect, while remaining affordable. Because personalized banners are visible from near and far, they create a striking display that attracts attention to your business or event. Personalized banners are available in any size, style or color. Our high definition printing produces images and text in vibrant colors and with extreme sharpness. In addition personalized banners are reusable. With proper care and storage your personalized banners can be used time and time again to promote your business or event. And since personalized banners are great for interior and exterior applications they are an ideal advertising and marketing tool.

Custom Signs have the Numbers in Their Corner!

Here are a few important facts you might find most interesting and beneficial when it comes to deciding on your custom signage. When it comes to acquiring new customers, custom signs acquire over 50% of those new clients. Custom signage is far more beneficial for drawing new patrons to your business or organization than most other advertising methods. In addition, custom signs attract half of a start-up business' new customers. Starting a business can be difficult; in order to succeed its paramount you attract a constant and reliable customer base. Custom signage assists you and your new business in drawing those potential customers to your new business. Custom signs work for you even when your business isn't open. With constant exposure, custom signs are responsible for over 35% of passerby patronage. Potential customers wouldn't know your business was there without custom signage. And with custom signage, studies have proven that the addition or changing of your custom signs can directly improve sales revenue. Since approximately 85% of your potential customers reside or work within a five-mile radius of your business this means they potentially see your custom signs fifty to sixty times each month. And let us not forget about relocation. With 13% to 20% of the population moving each year, your custom signs can work to attract this new target audience each year. So knowing a few of the facts and benefits of including custom signs in your business or promotion might be the difference that moves you ahead of your competitors.

Custom Signage From Us, is Exactly What Your Business Needs!

We offer you unlimited options when it comes to designing and producing your custom signs. With so many options available you may not know where to start. Fear not! We are here to assist you with every step of creating the most effective custom signage. Together we will produce custom signs that not only work for your business or organization but also are long lasting, durable, creative and eye catching. We offer custom signs in a large assortment of materials. Whether you want your custom signage crafted from metal, wood, acrylic, coroplast or any other type of sign material, we guarantee you high-quality, top-notched custom signs. We use only the finest materials to craft all our custom signs. These materials have been tested and proven to be the best in the industry and will not only compliment your customs signs but create long lasting signage for your business or organization. Custom signs can be produced in any style, color, size or shape. Custom shaped signs are a sure way to get your business or organization noticed. These custom signs can be produced in any shape, whether it be your company logo, custom business branding or even just a shape that pays homage to the area your business is located in. Custom signs really can do it all. We offer three fast and easy ways to design your custom signage. SignMagic is our exclusive design software that allows you to have complete creative control over your custom signs. Design your own custom signs using the tools provide, upload your own images or files and experiment with different sizes and color schemes, all within on location. When complete simply save your custom signs and they will be attached to your very own account, ready for you to access at any time. Design Express allows you to upload an existing file for your custom signs, whether it be a finished design, logos, text or images. We then take your notes and suggestions and create custom signs for you. This is great for those that feel they lack the time or creativity to design their own custom signs. Live Design is an exclusive feature offered only here, you actually can work with our graphic designers one on one, LIVE. Watch your custom signs come to life as you explain to our designers what type of custom signage you are after. All the processes make it easy and quick for you to get the custom signage you seek. And remember nothing is produced until you are 100% happy.

Personalized Banners are Just That - Personal!

They benefit of incorporating a personalized banner into your business or organizational endeavors is obvious- it's personalized! With your personalized banners you can present information that is relevant to your business or event. Whether that personalization includes images, texts, graphics or other custom touches, a personalized banner is bound to get more attention. With a personalized banner you are exposing your business or organization to thousands of individuals on a weekly basis, many of whom many not have even known your company existed. In addition personalized banners are great to celebrate events. Pump up your school spirit's with a personalized banner for the big game or homecoming. Personalized banners are great for any occasion and personalized banners can be coordinated to your business or event theme, color or style, creating stunning focal points. Personalized banners make all your advertising easy, mobile and affordable. From the indoor building banner to the outdoor construction banners, we offer unlimited options when it comes to personalized banners for promoting your business.

Hear what our clients are saying about us and our service to them. Our goal is to supply the best custom signs, personalized banners and custom signage, with the friendliest customer service and delivered in a timely manner. Check out the video below to hear first hand experience regarding ordering custom signs from

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering Custom Signs and Personalized Banners Online

"Why does a small business need custom signs or personalized banners?"

Custom signs help all businesses and organizations survive and prosper. Custom printed signs and even personalized banners, are one of the single most important reasons businesses succeed. With the right type of custom signage, your business will reach its full economic potential.

Custom signage and personalized banners help create thousands of marketing impressions on a daily basis. These impressions attract potential clients to your business or organization. Working silently 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, custom signs work to advertise and promote your business.

Create a change from the normal buying habits of your target audience by using custom signs. Custom signage helps develop memory for your location and creates branding for the services and products you offer. With custom signs you will instill confidence in your consumers and assist them in remembering your business or organization when in need of the products or services you offer.

"What is a corporate look for custom signage?"

A corporate look in most cases begins with your custom signs. Custom signs can promote a consistent image, allowing you to "brand" your business. This brand creates an image that consumers will recognize and can relate to. This branding or corporate look helps create an entity that will represent your business, and portray the beliefs and values your business stands for.

Your corporate image allows customers to get a perception of what your company is about and what it stands for. Custom signs strongly influence what your consumers think about you and your business. You can attempt to tell them what you what them to know about your business, but nothing does that better than custom signage.

Your custom signs and even your logo are the main visual cues that help consumers form an impression of your business. Much more than a trademark, these images are your sole non-verbal avenue to communicate with potential consumers. If your message isn't communicate effectively or done poorly odds are these consumers will not patronize your business. However, if your custom signage is strong, confident and gives a good impression of your business, you are much more likely to win a loyal customer. One of the easiest and most effective ways to secure faithful consumers is to implement custom signage, either on the interior or exterior of your business. In most cases both locations are ideal for effective business branding.

"Do custom signs have to have a logo in order to have a corporate look?"

While there are no concrete rules when it comes to the creation and design of your custom signage, corporate signage traditionally does include a logo of some sort. It may be your business name that forms the logo, like Kodak. Everyone recognizes the look of that name and we quickly identify with their products.

Custom signs, that attract consumers, usually include that very important step of creating a logo. A logo that reflects your business, your products and what you stand for are important factors to consider in the creation of your logo. Choose your fonts, colors, images and graphics with care; you may be tied to them for a long period of time. It's beneficial, in your logo and business image, to project your purpose, your values, your strengths and any unique features of your business or organization.

How can small businesses use custom signage with a corporate look to create "brand" awareness?

Custom signs help brand a location just as labels help to brand products in a grocery store. With the use of custom signs, logos and graphics, a business can repeatedly reinforce their business image. This reinforcement creates the very important "top-of-the-mind" awareness with your consumers within your business community.

Incorporating a consistent business image to display on custom signs, personalized banners, business cards and other promotional items will help to grow and continue to brand your business, particularly its location. This will help to create even greater consumer awareness and recall when the products and services of your business are needed.

Two specific examples that prove this fact would be Coca Cola and Starbucks. Branding worked for these companies because they incorporated the same logo, design and text into everything they did. They created their corporate image. This allowed individuals to recognize their brands immediately when they see their custom signs. And because the image is familiar it established a certain comfort level in the product and services provided.

"What exactly are custom signs?"

Custom signs reference an extremely effective and versatile range of made-to-order promotional and advertising products. All types of business signs, custom signage, hanging signs, street signs, fence signs, personalized banners, engraved signs are just a few we offer. All of these custom signs can be crafted to match your exact business or organization specifications, and all of which are cost effective. We proudly ship custom signs and personalized banners from our facility right here in historic Charleston, South Carolina.

We offer countless design options when it comes to creating and designing your custom signage and personalized banners. Anything from a clean simple layout to vivid, full-color digital custom signs, we offer it all. You have access to all our unlimited range of design options. The advancement of computerized sign making equipment has made custom signage readily available to all types of businesses, small and large. We offer a large of variety of specialty signs as well. The fact is, we offer almost every type of custom signage and personalized banners available, except for billboards.

"Can a small business afford custom signage in today's economy?"

Cutting corners and saving a few dollars is a common concern in today's economy. Some businesses feel cutting custom signs from their budget is an expense they can afford. However, did you know that custom signage is the least expensive form of advertising compared to other advertising media? This wholes true for small business as well as larger ones.

Custom signage and personalized banners are your silent salesman, marketing and advertising your message to your target audience. These silent salesman work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Unlike custom signs, with other forms of advertising you acquire month to month financial obligations, all without actually owning anything. In addition, you have no assurance that your advertising message is reaching your potential consumers.

Below are some statistics provided by The Small Business Association.

  1. On average, one additional on-premise sign resulted in an increase in annual sales revenues of 4.75%. This translates to a $23,750 increase in average sales revenues for a typical store in the study group with annual sales of $500,000.
  2. On average, one additional on-premise sign increased the annual number of transactions by 3.93%. This translates into more than 3,900 additional transactions for a store with an annual average of 100,000 transactions.
  3. On average, one additional 36-square-foot wall sign added $0.06 per transaction, while one additional 144-square-foot pole sign added $0.78 per transaction.

From a business owner's perspective, a custom business sign is a capital investment. When you factor in your return on investment, custom signs are not expensive at all. In fact, the signs routinely pay for themselves many times over.

"Do I have to use a specific type of custom signage to get a corporate look?"

Most certainly not! We offer one of the largest varieties of materials to choose from when it comes to custom signs. First decide on the location of your custom signs or personalized banners and how you want to mount them, and then you can accurately choose your custom signage material. By using the same look on all your advertising campaigns, you can portray the image of a large corporate company. This will add to your success as a business as well as instilling confidence in your clientele.

Some suggestions for a successful, cohesive campaign might include:

Choose from any of the following types of sign and sign materials for your custom signage:

"What are the most popular types of Custom Signage?"

3-D Letters

3-D letters or dimensional letters are available in an assortment of shapes, colors, letter styles as well as sizes. They are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Most businesses prefer the look of the individually mounted and 3-D molded letters over a flat panel sign. These "Sign Letters" are commonly seen in lobby signage, showroom custom signs and other corporate settings.

Installing all your custom dimensional letters and letter signs is quick and easy since we supply all the mounting installation templates and hardware. Simply tape your installation template to your mounting surface, making sure it is level and straight. With this template, the placement of your dimensional letters is pre laid out making installation something you can do yourself. This very same installation method is the same procedure professional sign installers use.

Real Estate Signs

Regardless if the real estate market is at a high or declining slightly, custom real estate signs will continue to be a pivotal asset in marketing and advertising your realtor properties. When it comes to real estate signs and even yard signs, the popular choices are still coroplast and aluminum.

These two options are ideal for either end of the market…

For a low cost, less permanent real estate sign choice, many choose coroplast. For a premium and more professional look, many realtors choose aluminum real estate signs. Regardless of your real estate sign choice, we offer a variety of products and accessories to assist in displaying and mounting your real estate signs. Real estate frames, wire stakes and vinyl hanging post are just a few of the many accessories we have readily available to complement your real estate signs.

When in need of a sturdier, larger and more visible real estate sign, we suggest our more durable sign materials like Dura-Wood or ARMOUR-Wood. These large and bold signs are ideal for commercial property, outdoor site signs or construction signs. Signs crafted from this material are resilient to the elements and will help keep your property looking fresh and new.

Personalized Banners

Personalize banners now have the ability to display and project a professional corporate image, making them extremely popular for all types of businesses or organizations. Personalized banners are available in any size and are an economical method to display your business message effectively.

Personalized banners aren't exclusively for business advertising either! Church banners, school banners, changeable banners, hanging banners and personalized banners for non-profit agencies are just a few alternative uses for banners.

Your personalized banners are digitally printed from your approved designs. Once you give us the final approval on your design, we begin production of your personalized banner. When completed, most personalized banners are hemmed with grommets (other options available) and then are securely shipped to you in a crush proof shipping cylinder.

(We recommend keeping the tube to store your new banner sign, with the image rolled to the outside to prevent the ink from sticking while in storage.)

In case you need a double sided banner, for example like a street banner, fear not we have those available as well. In addition we have a large selection of banner accessories to successfully install and display your personalized banners.

Trade show banners are another one of our specialties. With the right imagery and effective messaging, personalized banners are a sure way to attract attention at trade shows. Combined with any of our retractable banner stands, personalized banners will make you the hit of the show.

Aluminum Signs

Aluminum continues to be one of the most popular selections when it comes to custom signs. Aluminum signs are professional looking and are available in a wide range of thicknesses, as well as shape, color or size. If your business requires a large, rigid, seamless sign panel, we even carry aluminum up to 6' tall by 12' wide.

Aluminum metal signs are light weight while remaining rigid, making it the perfect sign material for indoor and outdoor applications. Regardless if you are in need of a small aluminum sign for interior use or a larger sized sign for exterior advertising, aluminum signs are a wise business choice.

Aluminum signs are manufactured from anodized aluminum making it rust-proof, a characteristic that is often specified by government agencies since aluminum signs weather well in salt-water and marine applications.

If your business or location requires a thicker, stronger sign material, we suggest our outdoor grade dibond, alumalite, ARMOUR-Wood or super smooth Dura-Wood. All of which are worthy options to consider for both wall mounted building signage and outdoor signage by the road.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic plastic signs are an elegant, sleek, contemporary sign that has become very popular with our clients. These custom signs command attention, with their flamed polished edges, high-end appearance and versatility. Acrylic plastic custom signs look almost identical to heavy glass making it another reason they are so popular with large and small businesses.

Acrylic signs, unlike glass, can be cut to any shape and size to match or create any look your business or organization requires. Acrylic signs, mostly used inside, are a popular choice for a corporate, successful and professional business image.

Working with a custom online sign company had many advantages. One being we can precision cut acrylic with our laser. In addition, this laser can etch your message or business logos onto the acrylic, either front or back.

Other popular types of plastic signs include PVC signs, coroplast signs, replacement sign faces and many more!

"How do I choose effective custom signs for my company?"

When choosing the most effective custom signs for your business first determine the exact purpose of your custom signs. For example:

With the answers to these very basic questions, and the information provide within this site, you will be able to begin the process of selecting the type of sign that is right for your business or organization.

When you need help, we are only a phone call or e-mail away.

"What types of business signage does your sign shop offer?"

SignsUS offers the following types of custom signage:

"How can you help me create a corporate look for my custom signs?"

It's our pleasure to help so many small businesses across America create the business image they seek. We understand why so many businesses want to project a corporate image, and we are here to help. Our staff is dedicated to superior custom service and our graphics department is exceptional at bringing your request to life.M

We offer a number of ways to create and purchase your custom business signage. You can give us a call at 1-800-899-6272 and speak with a sign specialist, you can email us or you can order directly from our custom signage website.

We are also pleased to offer a complimentary service called DesignMagic™ developed in order for you to work one on one with a graphic designer, no matter where you are.