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Custom Bar Signs Add Style and Character to Any Space!

Custom bar signs are a great way to add style, flair and your own personal interest to your home or business bar. Personalize bar signs can display your support for your favorite sports team, favorite liquor, or proudly display your choice of beer. Customized bar signs have become popular and cherished gifts not only for housewarmings but for birthdays, father's day and other special occasions.

Our personalized bar signs are available in a variety of materials all of which can be completely customized by you. With our customized bar signs, you can choose from any shape, style or size needed to fill that perfect spot in your bar. Whether you choose to create a vintage bar sign, humorous drinking signs, classic gambling signs or one to support your favorite wine or liquor we can help you get the exact personalized bar signs that you are looking for.

Custom Bar Signs are Available in a Variety of Materials

Example of Customized Bar Sign

Aluminum Custom Bar Signs are one of the most traditional choices when it comes to personalized bar signs. Aluminum custom bar signs are light weight and extremely easy to install. They can even be combined with any of our scroll brackets for an even more custom look. We offer customized bar signs in five different aluminum thicknesses, allowing you to choose what look suites your bar's atmosphere. A customized bar sign made of aluminum is available in any style, size or shape. Custom shapes are a great way to add additional charm and character to your personalized bar signs. When designing your own customized bar sign, choose a shape that is reflective of you and your style. Rather that be personalized bar signs in the shape of your favorite state, vehicle, logo or even your initials. With aluminum custom bar signs just about anything you can imagine can be produced into your very own personalized bar sign, proudly displayed in any location of your home or business.

HDU Custom Bar Signs allows you the option of a adding dimension to your personalized bar signs. Why not take your custom bar signs to new depths? HDU custom bar signs are crafted with a raised three dimensional "craved" appearance. This dimension adds an extra sophisticated look to your customized bar signs. HDU (High Density Urethane) personalized bar signs are available in a variety of thicknesses and each add a new level of elegance to your custom bar signs. Our HDU custom bar signs are light weight, so while heavy in style, they are light and easy to install. And since the production of HDU makes it waterproof, it's the perfect choice for custom bar signs. As with aluminum custom bars signs, HDU personalized bars signs are available in any style, size and shape. Allowing you the creative freedom to design your customized bar sign with any look or style that reflects your taste, interest or lifestyle. Because each HDU customized bar sign is hand painted and finished, each is a unique, fine handcrafted sign accenting any area you choose to display it in.

Dibond Custom Bar Signs are an excellent choice when it comes to personalized bar signs because of their versatility and high-end appearance. Dibond is produced with a solid plastic core, surrounded with two factory sealed sheets of aluminum. This construction makes it extremely rigid, strong and durable. With dibond custom bar signs you can select from a brushed silver finish, brushed gold finish, polished silver and many more for your customized bar signs. Combine these finishes with vinyl letters or decals and create a one of a kind looking customized bar sign. Vinyl letters and decals applied to finished dibond material creates a corporate, high-end custom bar signs. For a stylish and professional presentation display your dibond customized bar sign with our screwcaps. Screwcaps not only are decorative, they are functional, hiding all the hardware used to proudly display your custom bar signs. Because dibond customized bar signs are so versatile they are also available in any style, color or shape. In addition, dibond custom bar signs are available in any shape and can be produced from two thicknesses allowing you unlimited customization when it comes to your personalized bar signs. Incorporating a custom shape into your bar sign is no problem and will add even a more personal touch to your customized bar sign.

Acrylic Custom Bar Signs, like dibond custom bar signs, are extremely versatile and offer many custom finishing options. Acrylic is available in six thicknesses, all of which produce a high-end, upscale customized bar sign. Customized bar signs crafted from acrylic are extremely affordable while remaining durable and professional in appearance and quality. We offer acrylic customized bar signs in a variety of finishes, colors, with beveled edges, frosted, etched and in any custom shape that works with your design or interior. Acrylic custom bar signs are completely waterproof making them an ideal choice for a bar environment. For more style and a professional presentation mount your acrylic customized bar signs with any of our standoffs. Standoffs are a mounting hardware which allows your personalized bar sign to be mounted at various lengths from the wall or mounting surface. In addition, because of their design, standoffs hide all the hardware making this a seamless presentation.

Dura-Wood Custom Bar Signs gives you the traditional look and feel of wood signs but with a longer life due to modern technology. Dura-Wood customized bar signs are made from a high quality MDO (Medium Density Overlay) plywood and are factory primed and sealed. Personalized bar signs produced from Dura-Wood are rot-safe and can last for decades indoors. Our Dura-Wood customized bar signs are made from 1/2" thick material for an extra "beefy" appearance. Available in almost any shape a Dura-Wood customized bar sign can easily reflect your style and taste. For an even more polished finish, add trim cap to your Dura-Wood custom bar signs. Trim cap adds additional protection to the edges while giving your customized bar sign a framed appearance. Trim cap is available for signs that are produced in the our traditional shapes (square, rectangle and vertical rectangle). Dura-Wood customized bar signs can be wall mounted, hung, displayed in an easel or simply propped up against your bars' wall, regardless of how you display your customized bar sign, it truly will reflect you and your interest.

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Some Customized Bar Sign Options

Example of Aluminum Custom Bar SignAluminum Custom Bar Signs

Example of HDU Custom Bar Sign HDU Custom Bar Signs

Example of Dibond Custom Bar SignDibond Custom Bar Signs

Example of Acrylic Custom Bar Sign Acrylic Custom Bar Signs

Example of Dura-Wood Custom Bar SignDura-Wood Custom Bar Signs

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