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Restaurant Signs are Advertising Appetizers!

Restaurant signs are just a small sampling of what to expect when patrons choose your establishment to nourish themselves. Regardless if it's indoor or outdoors, effective restaurant signs accent your fine cuisine and promote your fine selling points. All this while making an alluring presentation of quality and professionalism. Signs for restaurants are an effective and profitable way to gain exposure and grow your business. Restaurant signs are important for impulsive actions and decisions when it comes to dining. Well designed and placed restaurant signs, can in fact sway potential diners your way.

We offer a large menu of materials when it comes to restaurant signs. Our selection of materials for restaurant signs continues to be one of the largest online and includes aluminum, sandblasted redwood, coroplast and many more. With unlimited design options, you can create the perfect restaurant signs, that accurately promote you and your restaurant. Most of our restaurant signs are available in any size, color, style and shape. Custom shaped restaurant signs are proven to be noticed more than traditional shaped signs.

Restaurant Signs and Some Materials We Produce Them From

Example of a Restaurant Sign

Acrylic Restaurant Signs create a high-end, sophisticated look for your restaurant. Signs for restaurants crafted from acrylic are available in any size, color, shape or style. Whether you serve hamburgers or filet mignon, acrylic restaurant signs can really dress up your establishment. Acrylic restaurant signs are durable, waterproof and safe. Produced from acrylic plastic, these signs for restaurants have replaced dangerous glass signs, creating safer dining experiences. For additional style display your acrylic restaurant signs with our standoffs. Standoffs mount your restaurant signs slightly raised from the wall, providing a stylish three dimensional appearance. Use acrylic for all your restaurant signs, including advertising, wayfinding and decor.

Alumalite Restaurant Signs are great for exterior and interior use. Alumalite restaurant signs are lightweight but heavy on durability. Alumalite is produced from a corrugated plastic core, surrounded by two sheets of quality, factory finished aluminum. Its lightweight nature makes it perfect for restaurant signs because they are easy to mount, display and are resistant to the elements. Signs for restaurants, crafted from alumalite, can be produced in any size, style or color. Alumalite is available in two thicknesses and is perfect for exterior drive-thru signage or for interior dry-erase boards advertising "daily features". Add edge cap to your alumalite restaurant signs for added style and protection. Trim cap provides additional protection to the edges of your restaurant signs, while adding a decorative framed border.

Aluminum Restaurant Signs are a traditional, functional and an affordable advertising choice. Aluminum restaurant signs can be seen everywhere, the reason being, they simply work. With aluminum, you have the ability to customize your restaurant signs to fit any and all your business needs and specifications. We offer aluminum restaurant signs in a variety of thicknesses. Deciding on your location and application will help to determine what thickness is right for you. In addition, signs for restaurants made from aluminum can be produced in any shape. Custom shaped signs give you an edge over your competition, since it will undoubtedly stand out, due to their unique shape. Aluminum is rustproof and chemically resistant, making it a great choice for all your restaurant signs. For easy and quick installation, check out our complete line of installation kits.

ARMOUR-Wood Restaurant Signs are the strongest material option for your advertising endeavors. ARMOUR-Wood is made from a solid wood core, sealed between two sheets of aluminum. We offer ARMOUR-Wood in 1/2" thickness, perfect for all your restaurant signs. For added protection, all ARMOUR-Wood restaurant signs come with trim cap. Our trim cap is a stylish way to protect the edges of your restaurant signs, while adding a decorative framed detail. We offer trim cap in a variety of colors allowing you to select the perfect combination for your restaurant signs. Signs for restaurants can be produced from ARMOUR-Wood in any size, style or color. We commonly only produce ARMOUR-Wood restaurant signs in traditional shapes (square, rectangle and vertical rectangle), due to the construction of ARMOUR-Wood.

Banner Restaurant Signs are one of the most versatile options for your advertising and marketing efforts. Vinyl banners are one of the most popular choices when it comes to signs for restaurants. Banner restaurant signs are lightweight, customizable and extremely durable. Our banner restaurants signs are produced from our quality, 14 oz. vinyl banner material. It's a lightweight, vibrant material available in a glossy or a more conservative matte finish. In addition, we offer numerous finishing options for your banner restaurant signs, all of which assist in the easy installation of your restaurant signs. Banner restaurant signs are available in any size, style or color. Whether it is a small grand opening banner or a large street wide advertising banner, we can assist you in creating the perfect banner restaurant signs for your business.

Coroplast Restaurant Signs are great for temporary or short-term outdoor advertising, as well as longer interior efforts. Coroplast signs, commonly known as "plastic cardboard" are effective and affordable signs for restaurants. Constructed with a hollow-flute design, these restaurant signs are lightweight, tough, waterproof and easy to handle. Coroplast restaurant signs are applicable for interior as well as exterior signage. Use coroplast restaurant signs outdoors to promote weekly specials, advertise a new location or new hours. Inside coroplast restaurant signs assist in traffic control, restroom locations or promoting new menu items. Coroplast restaurant signs are available in any size or style. We offer coroplast signs for restaurants, in our traditional shapes, as well as some custom shapes. For easy and professional mounting of your coroplast restaurant signs, check out our complete assortment of stakes.

Dibond Restaurant Signs are available in two thicknesses as well as any shape, traditional or custom. Dibond is made from a solid plastic core, sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum. The plastic core gives your dibond restaurant signs strength, while the aluminum sheets provide rigidity. We offer two thicknesses of dibond when it comes to selecting your restaurant signs. Both are strong, durable and long lasting choices when it comes to signs for restaurants. Dibond's customization is what makes it popular for restaurant signs. We can produce dibond restaurant signs in any shape, style, color or size. We provide you with a whole "menu" of options to create the perfect custom restaurant signs. Dibond is light, while remaining strong and rigid, so it is easy to install or mount.

Dura-Wood Restaurant Signs provide you with the style and look of traditional wood signs but with improved longevity. Dura-Wood is a high quality MDO plywood that is factory primed and sealed. It is then finished and prepared for the application of your vinyl restaurant signs. The combination of these two quality products, produce long lasting, durable signs for restaurants. Dura-Wood restaurant signs are rot-safe which is ideal for exterior application, thus making them excellent restaurant signs. Our Dura-Wood restaurant signs are crafted from 1/2" material for a "beefy" appearance. In addition, trim cap can be added to your Dura-Wood restaurant signs for not only added protection to the edges but for a decorative frame around your restaurant signs.

Foam Core Ultra Restaurant Signs are one of the most popular interior signage choices. Foam core ultra restaurant signs are lightweight and economically priced and are exclusively designed for interior use. Much more durable than traditional foam core, these signs for restaurants have superior quality and longevity. Foam core ultra restaurant signs are highly resistant to scratches, indentations and banged-up corners. With proper care and storage foam core ultra restaurant signs can be used year after year, making them the perfect selection for yearly events, specials or promotions. Your foam core ultra restaurant signs can be crafted fastening adhesives or with grommets for easy installation.

HDU Restaurant Signs can add dimension and depth to your advertising message. HDU is a man-made material, designed especially for the signage industry. HDU restaurant signs are available in a large variety of thicknesses and design options. Because HDU is man-made its long lasting and waterproof, meaning it doesn't have to be replaced as often as some other signage material. HDU restaurants signs are produced with text, images or graphics having a raised, carved, three dimensional effect on a smooth or lightly textured background. HDU can be crafted in any size and shape, allowing you complete control when it comes to designing and customizing your restaurant signs. HDU is lightweight and easy to install and they look great combined with our custom scroll brackets.

PVC Restaurant Signs are the superior choice for interior signage. PVC is highly recommended for all your interior signs for restaurants. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is thin, lightweight and provides a smooth looking professional satin finish. This finish helps to eliminate reflection and glare, making it a perfect choice for interior restaurant signs. PVC restaurant signs are available in a three different thicknesses and can even be combined to create custom three dimensional signs for restaurants.

Sandblasted Redwood Restaurant Signs provide you with three dimensional business signage. Sandblasted redwood signs are produced with a raised, carved effect on text, images and graphic elements, while the background remains smooth. Redwood is naturally beautiful and strong, and its organic nature makes each sandblasted redwood restaurant sign unique. Sandblasted redwood restaurant signs are sought after for interior as well and exterior applications. These signs for restaurants are completely customizable and are available in any shape and size. With proper care, your redwood restaurant signs can last a lifetime.

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Some Material & Display Recommendations for Restaurant Signs

Example of an Acrylic Restaurant Sign Acrylic Restaurant Signs

Example of an Alumalite Restaurant SignAlumalite Restaurant Signs

Example of an Aluminum Restaurant Sign Aluminum Restaurant Signs

Example of an ARMOUR-Wood Restaurant Sign ARMOUR-Wood Restaurant Signs

Example of a Banner Restaurant Signs Banner Restaurant Signs

Example of a Coroplast Restaurant Sign Coroplast Restaurant Signs

Example of a Dibond Restaurant Sign Dibond Restaurant Signs

Example of a Dura-Wood Restaurant Sign Dura-Wood Restaurant Signs

Example of a Foam Core Ultra Restaurant Sign Foam Core Ultra Restaurant Signs

Example of a HDU Restaurant SignHDU Restaurant Signs

Example of a PVC Restaurant Sign PVC Restaurant Signs

Example of a Sandblasted Redwood Restaurant SignSandblasted Redwood Restaurant Signs

Example of a Restaurant Sign and Menu Display Restaurant Sign and Menu Displays

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