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Example of vehicle lettering and graphics

Van Letters:
Guaranteed NO RISK Installation
and FREE Letter Replacement if you do Make a Mistake.

Photo of a van with vinyl lettering

You will Quickly and Easily Apply
Pre-Spaced Letters,
as One Piece, not letter by letter

Customized Vinyl Van Lettering and Graphics are fast and easy to install to any smooth, painted, non-porous surface and arrive to you:

Photo demonstrating how to apply vinyl lettering and graphics

Receive the Exact Custom Vinyl Van Lettering and
Save Up to 70%*
*Over other competitors

Instead of being charged by the letter height multiplied by the letter count, we give you the option to:

  • Choose the optimum size of van letters you need
  • Customize the message you want your audience to see
  • And all for one low price
  • Get even more attention with
    Full Color Digital Graphics

    Full Color Graphics

    The old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" couldn't be more accurate. Showcasing photos of the products you sell or work you have completed can instantly connect to your potential new customers in a way like never before. Bringing to life the type of business you are in while sure to leave a lasting impression. Full Color Digital Graphics can me made in small sizes sizes such as 2" x 2" all the way up to Images to fill a tractor trailer truck. Simply provide the quality images you wish enlarged and watch it come to life.

    Designing Your Own Van Graphics and Lettering is Easy!

    Design Vinyl Lettering For Your Van Online (Part 1)

    Design Vinyl Lettering For Your Van Online (Part 2)

    Letter Visibility Chart

    Letter Height (Inches) Distance For Best Impact Maximum Readable Distance
    3" 30' 100'
    4" 40' 150'
    6" 60' 200'
    8" 80' 350'
    9" 90' 400'
    10" 100' 450'
    12" 120' 525'
    15" 150' 630'
    18" 180' 750'
    24" 240' 1000'
    30" 300' 1250'
    36" 360' 1500'
    42" 420' 1750'
    48" 480' 2000'
    54" 540' 2250'
    60" 600' 2500'

    Guaranteed Vinyl Life

    The Select Premium Brand of Vinyl Letters and Graphics we offer has stood the test of time. Our Commercial Grade, High Performance (2 mil cast) Vinyl routinely lasts 7-10 years outdoors without peeling or noticeable fading (everything fades in the sun to some degree over time).

    Premium Grade Vinyl is the ideal choice for lettering:

    vinyl color chart
    • Cars
    • Vans
    • Trucks
    • Buses
    • Firetrucks
    • Tractor Trailers
    • Boats
    • Storefront Windows
    • Motorcycles
    • Jet Skis
    • Permanent Outdoor Signs
    • Mailboxes

    The 3M Brand Intermediate Vinyl is rated for 3-5 years outdoors and is perfect for shorter term Vinyl Lettering applications like:

    3m vinyl color chart

    • Banners
    • Temporary Outdoor Signs
    • All Indoor Lettering Projects
    • Site Signs
    • Real Estate Signs
    • Yard Signs
    • In-Store Signage
    • Posters
    For a full list of available colors click here

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    Using SignMagic Online Custom Van Lettering Design Center, Step #1 allows you to choose the size area which most closely matches the space you have available for your custom vinyl letters.

    For example,match the closest size available in Step #1 to the size that you have in mind

    The instant you click on Step #1 to select the space you have available, look down towards the lower right portion of your monitor and you will instantly see your base price automatically appear. That's all there is to it.

    You Are In Control
    Never an Obligation to Buy with SignMagic

    Type in all the text you want and re-size the letters to fit that selected area, all for the same low price!

    Pricing automatically updates in real time either up or down depending on the add-on options(like drop shadows and outlines) you add or delete from your design. Remember you are in control!

    “This automatic real-time pricing feature makes it quick & easy to balance the final price with the custom options available to you.”

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