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Military Signs and Military Plaques are a Great Way to Show Your Appreciation for Military Service!

Military signs and military plaques are a distinguished way to thank and show appreciation to those that have served in the military or have given time to a patriotic cause. Honor those individuals with a stylish and custom military sign or military plaque. Not only are military signs and military plaques great memorials, they also make perfect gifts for all those that appreciate the armed forces.

Our military signs are available in a variety of materials and can be customized to create the perfect tribute for your hero. Our military plaques are elegant and traditional and can be personalized to show respect and honor not only to the honoree but to the location they are proudly displayed.

Military Signs and Military Plaques are Available in a Large Selection of Materials and Styles.

Examples of Military Signs

Aluminum Military Signs are a fitting tribute for all types of military branches, services and accomplishments. Because aluminum is so versatile it's a great choice for military signs. Whether you are creating a sign to honor an individual or creating a more whimsical military parking sign, aluminum will get the job done. We feature aluminum in an assortment of options including, five different thicknesses, a variety of finishes, rounded corners and custom shapes. In additions, aluminum military signs are so durable they are an excellent performer inside as well as outside.

Dibond Military Signs are available in traditional shapes including square, rectangle and vertical rectangle, but are more effective and dramatic in custom shapes. Select to design a dibond military sign in the shape of a battalion's code of arms, a military medal or the ever patriotic eagle or American flag. Dibond's construction makes it a long lasting durable military sign, both suitable for interior and exterior applications. Despite its superior strength and rigidity, dibond military signs remain light weight which assists in easy mounting and displaying of your honorable military sign.

Cast Military Plaques evoke a sense of honor, valor and tradition. Our custom cast military plaques are among the finest produced. We offer not only a variety of sizes, styles and shapes, but give you the ability to cast your own text. Our military plaques are also available with a sculptural elements whether symbolic or portrait. Insist on the best for your serviceman or woman and create a custom portrait for your military plaque, either sculpted or etched. These elegant and upscale military plaques allow them to live forever and be remember by so many. Cast military plaques are available with a wide selection of mounting styles and accessories, so creating a complete custom and personal military plaque will show you appreciate their service and sacrifices.

Engraved Military Plaques are great for showing appreciation, not only to those in the military but to those that support or volunteer to assist military operations and military personnel. With custom engraving you can personalized a military plaque to salute an individual you wish to honor, thank or simply show appreciation for their dedication. Choose from solid marble military plaques, wood backed military plaques, engraved acrylic military plaques and many more. All our military plaques are extremely beautiful and will be a treasured memento by the honoree.

Magnetic Military Signs are interchangable and re-positionable, which makes them great for a variety of applications and tributes. Magnetic military signs can be produced in just about any size from the large 20" x 24" to a mini 3" x 3", making these military signs not only versatile but extremely affordable. Magnetic military signs are ideal for vehicles, trailers and sports equipment, but can be displayed on almost any metal surface. Magnetic military signs are protected with Scratch Guard which prevents damage to the surface its attached to, allowing you to proudly display them where ever you feel fit..

Military Banners make great "Welcome Home" and "Thank You For Your Service" military signs. And because banner military signs are light weight and flexible, you can easily pack and transport your banner military sign to any location. Quickly and easily mounted, banner military signs are great for displaying your message from fences, buildings, parade floats and even in hand. Our state of the art banner printing guarantees your banner military sign will be vibrant in color allowing your message to "pop". With a wide selection of finishing options, we can create the perfect banner military sign for your location.

HDU Military Signs add dimension, depth and a unique style to your military sign. HDU is a man made material designed especially for signage. Its long lasting qualities make it a great choice for you military signs and is perfect for exterior use. HDU military signs are waterproof and will not rust or rot and they are stronger and last longer than most traditional wood signs. HDU military signs are crafted with a "carved" look and can add a rustic look to your military sign. With a variety of options and textures available you will find the perfect finish to create the perfect tribute.

Dura-Wood Military Signs are traditional wood signs updated with today's technology. Produced from high quality MDO plywood, Dura-Wood signs are then sealed and primed. Next your vinyl military sign is applied to the primed Dura-Wood surface. A strong and long lasting adhesion makes Dura-Wood signs superior to wood signs of the past. The primed edges add in extending the life of the sign. However, for a more finished and polished military sign, add edge cap. Edge cap adds extra protection to the edges of your sign but also creates a framed look around your military sign. Dura-Wood military signs are excellent for interior and exterior applications and can be produced in traditional as well as custom shapes.

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  • Aluminum Military Signs
  • Dibond Military Signs
  • Cast Military Plaques
  • Engraved Military Plaques
  • Magnetic Military Signs
  • Military Banners
  • HDU Military Signs
  • Dura-Wood Military Signs
  • Many more

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Example of an Aluminum Military Sign Aluminum Military Signs

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