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Your Custom Aluminum Real Estate Sign Doesn't Have To Blend In

Aluminum Real Estate Signs Are Everywhere These Days…

We are definitely in a buyer's market for real estate right now. In any given neighborhood, you are bound to see yard after yard bearing an aluminum real estate 'For Sale' sign. Of course, if you're a real estate agent, I don't have to tell you that.

With so many houses on the market, particularly similar homes within the same neighborhood, how do you make your listings stand apart from the others? If the house doesn't grab attention on its own, then grab it yourself with a custom aluminum real estate sign.

Don't Be A Square - But DO Be Different!

We usually think of the phrase "being a square" as a reference to being different. But when it comes to aluminum real estate signs, being a square is anything but different! Real estate signs are made of aluminum sheeting with a thin yet durable .04" grade aluminum, making it easy to cut and shape any way you prefer.

For custom aluminum signs that are going to be fitted into iron frame displays, square is common because of the fit of the frame. But that's just the bottom and sides of the frame! Consider rounding the top of your custom aluminum sign or coming up with another creative idea. I've seen one company shape their real estate signs like a roof line!

If you desire a shape that will not fit into an iron frame, it is possible to still make your custom aluminum real estate sign and insert hanging hardware into the top of the sign. You can then order a wooden post made with Rot Safe wood and suspend your custom aluminum sign from the post. Displaying an aluminum real estate sign from a post also looks higher quality than a standard iron frame and is sure to make buyers give your listing a second look. Where there's a creative custom sign idea, there's a way!

So when thinking of how you want your custom aluminum real estate sign to stand out in a land of iron frames, all the same shape and size, think outside of the square!

Make Your Custom Aluminum Real Estate Sign Your Palette

Now that you're thinking of new ways to catch buyers' attention with your custom aluminum real estate sign, don't forget that what goes onto your sign is as important as the shape, size, and display of the sign itself.

The aluminum sheeting that is made into custom real estate signs comes in a variety of background colors from the manufacturers. The colored aluminum is then baked in enamel to give the sheeting a smooth, glossy finish and a little more strength. However, you may desire a color that is unavailable from the factory. Remember - these are custom real estate signs, so don't hesitate in expressing yourself!

If you want a custom background color for your aluminum real estate sign, then our sign experts can simply cut adhesive vinyl and place it over the aluminum sheeting. You can choose a type of adhesive vinyl is also reflective, helping your custom sign to receive attention even after dark.

And if you are worried that an aluminum sign won't look as good as a factory finished sign, then look no further than a STOP sign or street sign. They are made of aluminum sheeting and covered in adhesive vinyl, just like your custom real estate sign, should you so desire. By the way, STOP signs never fail to get your attention, do they? Why not?

Shape and color!

Once you have decided on the shape, hanging tool, and background color for your real estate sign, you need to determine what graphics go onto your sign. You may be bound to a company logo, but you can put a digital photograph of yourself onto your sign. You can also give it an original touch with lettering and a catchy slogan.

If you have no restrictions on graphics for your custom real estate sign, then you have license to design an image that can really 'wow' buyers. Digital printing is incredible and transfers any image onto vinyl with amazing resolution and picture quality. So don't be afraid to create a business image that attracts and impresses! Professional graphic designers employed by sign shops can help guide you down the design path for your aluminum real estate sign if you need help.

Custom Aluminum Real Estate Signs Make Your Business Visible

With the right shape, display, and graphic design, your custom aluminum sign will be sure to grab attention for your listing where the competition fades into the landscape!